27 February 2011

Radom thoughts on a cake stand.

A while back I went through the kitchen and got rid of what little plastic I still had. The Tupperware cake container was one of the things to go. I replaced it with an Anchor Cake/Punch stand. Triple duty and glass all in one.

Well about a year ago there was an 'incident'. All I know is I came home and it was on the kitchen floor broken. No one had been home since I had left except for the two furry felines that lived here. So we'll never know.

Well to get on with the point of this post...I replaced that cake stand yesterday. When I looked at the box I saw their slogan and thought it was pretty cool.

And just an fyi - I received nothing from the company for saying any of this. This is just an example of the random stuff that goes through my head during the course of the day. :-)

~happy sunday~

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