03 July 2011

Always have a back up plan.

Day two of our three day weekend and I got up to make Blueberry Waffles.   mmmmmm

I love pancakes, who doesn't?  But I have a confession to make... I have still not mastered the art of pancake making.  (hanging head in shame)  It has been on my list of things to do but why worry about it when I can make Waffles!! Right??  I equally LOVE waffles and they always turn out great.

Well, after today, learning to make pancakes moved up to the top 5.

I got all of the ingredients together and plugged in the waffle iron to pre heat it.  It wouldn't work!!  It was dead!!  I was devastated!! I broke the news to my husband who is the only other one up until now that knew I always mess up pancakes and he was devastated also.  His juice was poured, he had his coffee and he thought he was going to get Blueberry Waffles.

When I said 'I'll just make pancakes' a hush fell over the room.  My husbands smile disappeared.   I so  desperately wanted to save the day.  I wanted to turn that delicious blueberry waffle batter into fantastic pancakes.

I preheated the cast iron skillet, poured in batter and watched.  My husband watched.  They looked good.  They smelled good.  But deep inside I was worried.  The few times I had attempted pancakes they looked good and smelled good but ended up either burnt on the outside or was filled with raw batter on the inside.
Would we have a repeat??

We did!!  :-(  The middle was a little raw.  Not much.  Just one mere minute on the griddle probably would have been perfect.  But they were not edible.

So I picked up my ego, held my head high and cooked up some Bacon and eggs. 

I WILL learn to make wonderful light and fluffy pancakes.
I WILL get a new waffle iron.
And I WILL always have bacon and eggs on hand for a back up plan .


  1. Oh Lori! I understand your pain; pancakes scare me, but I [thankfully] have not ever had to deal with something of this caliber. I hope it gets better! And if you do get a hold of a fantastic pancake recipe, share the wealth! hahaha Thank goodness for bacon & eggs - you saved the day! whoop!! :)

  2. I gave you a blog award:)

  3. Hi Mel...from what I hear low heat is the key. I'll give them a try sometime soon and let you know. Or I may just buy a new waffle iron and say forget it. LOL We do like waffles better anyway.

    Countryside Dish...Thank YOU!!