05 June 2011

Grilling for 3

I work outside the house on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday ten and a half hours so it's really important to keep dinners simple on those 4 nights.
I try to prepare the meals for those days when I'm off. Today I took time to prepare and precook some of Monday and Tuesdays dinners.

We had burgers and potatoes on the grill for dinner tonight.  Since the grill was already hot I threw on a couple of sausage links and some chicken legs.

The sausage links are going to get cut up into a New Orleans type spicy rice for Monday.

The chicken legs well there are SO many options with pre cooked chicken but I'm leaning towards just reheating them and mixing up some quick mac n cheese and some veggies for Tuesday.

So dinners are planned and as pre cooked as they can be until Wednesday when I'm off again.
It's a lot easier to make it through those long work days when I know dinner is taken care of. You don't have to have a strict concrete plan.  Just a small bit of thinking ahead is a real help for us here at our house.

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