19 September 2009

Rhonda from Down to Earth started this challenge.
She wrote..."I am going to challenge everyone here to eat one meal a week that is either organic or local or free range and pasture fed."
I encourage you to pop over to her blog to read the entire post.

This is a topic that I am very passionate about.

My husband and I have been slowly making changes to get all chemicals and preservatives out of our lives and I think this challenge will be fun.

It amazes me that even though we live here in the "heartland", it is very challenging to find local good quality meat and dairy in our area. I have been searching to find local organic but am having a hard time. Right now we get our grass fed beef when we visit my Mom's town which is about 100 miles away. We take a cooler and stock up. We don't drink milk so that isn't an issue but I would love to have some local cheese, a good source for seafood and organic chicken.

So I started my part of this challenge last night. We had meatloaf...made with grass fed beef and all of my home grown veggies and herbs, organic mashed potatoes, local corn on the cob and home made bread. It was delicious.


  1. Hi LA!
    I needed to read this post today! I have to do a diet overhaul I am addicted to diet coke...one of the worst things I can do to my body. I understand that Aspartame is a very dangerous drug. So I will join you on this challenge and first step will be to ditch the pop.

    Take care...


  2. I have to admit that I still drink diet coke too. I have do try to drink mainly water, tea or regular sprite but I do still drink the diet coke especially in am since I don't drink coffee.
    Maybe this is something we can back each other up on because it is very difficult to get rid of. But it is something that I am looking forward to getting out of my diet all together.