20 September 2009

Stocking up on supplies

Since I spent 21 years living in Florida and seeing for myself how quickly gas, supplies and food are sold out in the event of an approaching hurricane I always was pretty well stocked up on things that we needed.

After moving here to the midwest though I guess I must have felt a little less threatened and slid off track a bit. The last few months I have been slowly stocking up the pantry on the things that we use on a regular basis and I have learned a few things along the way.

I am saving a lot of money by purchasing extras when they are on sale instead of having to pay full price when we have run out and need an item.

I am making less trips to the store and saving time and money by doing that.

I feel safer knowing that if we get the flu or a snow storm that keeps us in the house for a few weeks we have everything that we need to get through it.

Keeping a list of the things you have is a good idea so that you know when you run out of things.

And the most important lesson is...

You can NEVER have enough toilet paper. We ran out the other day and I had to hear from dear hubby that he doesn't understand why we have 50 cans of soup in the cabinet but NO TOILET PAPER. oops...


  1. Thats funny about the TP! I never even thought to make sure we had extra emergency TP..thanks!

    Thank you also for the blogroll add!

  2. LOL! TP is a necessity although I learned how to use a lot less while kayaking and I am beginning to adopt the same habit at home here. I have found I can stretch a roll to last over a week. The are some things, however, that do require it.

    Hope this is not too much info!

  3. LOL...I think we need to be a little more conscious of just how much we use because we go through a lot more than we probably should.