01 January 2013

Here is to 2013!!

When I first started this blog a few years ago my main focus at the time was simplifying my life, figuring out ways to live a more sustainable lifestyle and getting adjusted to moving back to the Midwest after living in SW Florida for 20 years.
Well I have adjusted to my community and I realize now that living in a sustainable and simple way is an ongoing lifestyle that I will continue to grow in and learn more about each day.

About a year or so later my interest in cooking flourished and I focused on recipes and food.  In fact, my New Years resolution in 2011 was to try one new recipe a week which I did.  We ate really well in 2011 and I had a lot of fun while learning new techniques.  I realize now that my interest in growing and cooking food really ties into my simple/sustainable lifestyle.

2012 I didn't blog once.  I was busy living and doing and didn't feel the urge to blog about it.  It was a great year though.  November of 2011 I finally found a job that I LOVE as an administrative assistant for a group of awesome doctors.  My husband and I found the perfect for us home in April and on my birthday it became ours. And our relationships and life has continued to flourish.

Now it is January 1st 2013 and I feel the urge to blog again.  What direction or genre this blog will take...I do not know.  I know I plan to continue cooking from scratch, growing some of our food, making our house our home and living as simply as possible. We have a lot of home projects planned for this year.  I am making plans for our garden.  I will be reading a lot of good books. I will be watching a few good movies.  I will be spending time with the ones I love and  I intend to live, laugh, learn and love a LOT this year. So if any of those things interest you, I'd love to have you follow along on the ride.

So here is to 2013...may all our dreams come true!!!

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