25 December 2011

And the journey continues...

The New Year isn't a do-over; it's an opportunity to take your next big step. 

As I read that in Whole Living Magazine (http://www.wholeliving.com/) today it really made me stop and think.  I truly love New Years, I always have.  I've never been one to set 'resolutions' so to speak instead opting  to take stock in my life and set the groundwork for goals that I want to achieve in the coming year.

This year is no exception. I have the goals that I've decided on to help me continue on the path I'm taking all mapped out.  They are pretty much off springs of goals from this year, I'm just Amping things up a notch, taking 'that next big step'.

I eat pretty well but I could use a little boost, switch some things up a little and one thing I've wanted to do is a detox plan.  I've done mini ones here and there over the years but I never really gave 100% in following one until now.

This plan focuses on getting back to basics and giving your body a break by taking out the things that slow you down and make your body work harder like dairy, gluten, sugar, caffeine, alcohol and processed foods.  It says in the article that by week three clean eating will be more like a lifestyle and less like a challenge as some things are reintroduced. 

I found the New Year New You plan from again Whole Living Magazine and I'm going to do it and keep track of my progress here on my blog.  Now just in case someone is actually reading, I want to say as much as I love this magazine I have NO affiliation with the magazine, website, company whatsoever!!  I am not trying to promote anything.  I am not a professional in the food, nutrition or writing arena.  I am simply using my personal blog as a journal to document for myself and anyone that may be interested in reading. 

I will be officially starting this New Years day.

Now the plan advises before the challenge to  do a few things to aid in success.  The first thing is to write down five things that this detox means to you and what you hope to achieve so here we go.

1.  Up my intake of fresh fruit daily.
2.  Up my intake of fresh veggies daily.
3.  Increase my energy and stamina.
4.  Clear my head.
5.  Over all health.

Next it advises you to prepare the people in your life especially anyone that shares meals with you so that they know what you are doing and how important it is to you.  Check.

Invite a friend to join you.  Check.  When I told my husband that I was going to do this he said he wanted to do it with me.  I'm all for him joining me in this. We'll see how that all goes.

Drink plenty of water.  Check.  That is one good habit that I already have. 

Space out your meals by eating every three to five hours (including snacks) rather than non stop nibbling to keep your metabolism even.  Check. I already do this also.  YAY...maybe I'm a tiny bit ahead of the game.

Keep a food journal.  Track what, when, where you eat as well as your feelings before, during and after.  I have a new little notebook to do this in plus I will be keeping track here on my blog.

Stick to each week's menu. The different phases of the cleanse offer different foods for a reason so don't jump ahead.  OK, I will remind myself of that.  Probably often.  I know this won't be easy but I'm going to give it a shot.

This week I'm going to be going over the menu and recipes to get prepared for New Years Day.  I'm not usually very good at following a strict eating plan so sending some positive vibes in my direction would be helpful.

Hope anyone that made it through this is enjoying the holiday season and taking some time out to reflect.

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