19 January 2010


We are very lucky to have a winery here in our town. Genkota Winery. It is a gorgeous place to visit. There is a beautiful wrap arouond covered deck where you can sit and enjoy a glass of wine while looking out onto part of the vineyard. Their "Sunset Rose'" is my favorite with the "Drake Port" a very strong second.

Dr. Bradley Drake, his wife and his parents Gerald and Ina Rae opened the winery in December 1997. The name Genkota came from combing the names Gennifer and Dakota, the Drakes two daughters.

From the research I did, I found that when they first opened, there were only 5 other wineries in the entire state of Illinois and now just 12 years later there are 70.

The winery has a very mission style feel to it that is apparent in the double mission style doors to the winery. Ina Rae designed the interior of the winery and Gerald designed the exterior with the help of an architect who had an Amish construction crew from the area build the building. Dr. Drake is the winemaker.

I of course have not had my camera with me when I have visited, so the pictures are from their website www.genkotawine.com.
In my defense, I haven't visited since my resolution of always carrying my camera.

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