06 August 2009

A few great questions.

Wendy at wendyytb-overhaul.blogspot.com had a post yesterday that really got me thinking. Some of the questions she asked...
Is there something missing?
Is this really the way I want to spend the rest of my life?
What can I do to enhance the quality of my life, my families life?
These are questions I am really going to do some serious thinking about and set some concrete goals to get me where I want to be.

I do have to say that I think I am much closer to living the life I want than I was four years ago, but I still have a long way to go.

For starters, I now live in a MUCH smaller community which is something I desperately had wanted for awhile. The population where we moved from was over 600,000 in the county. Here it is about 16,000. One of the first things hubby and I noticed when moving here was the friendly, neighborly people. It also seems most people here live within their means and do not seem to be as interested in consumerism or keeping up with the "joneses" or thinking it is cool to pay outrageous prices for things. There is not a convenience store on every corner, too many shops or restaurants to even think about going to or two to three banks on every single street. It is a great little town, I love it here.

We are now closer to family and can see them much more frequently than the once every year or two that we did for 20 years while living in Florida. It is nice to be more apart of their day to day lives and to be closer in case something happens and they may need us. I firmly believe that when families started separating and moving all over the country it started a downward spiral in our society. I think a lot of consumerism along with other things has stemmed from people trying to fill the void that not having strong roots and a strong support system causes.

We did get rid of a lot of unnecessary STUFF when we moved but I am now working on simplifying and organizing even more. If it does not serve a purpose...it is going. I am going to be ruthless. LOL Paper seems to be one of the biggest unorganized messes for me. I have begun to clean out the file cabinet and make it more user friendly. I also am starting to put together a personal organizer for all important information so that it will all be in one place and possibly help keep things in line. I have learned that when I am organized, stick to lists and a routine my life does run much smoother.

Well, after I do some thinking on Wendy's questions I will get back to this topic.


  1. Hi LA...we ARE on the same path! I am working on cleaning the clutter from my closets, too, but darn-it-all... I can't seem to get beyond the thought that maybe I will fit "so and so" again one day, or "so and so" gave this to me. It is a real challenge, but I think i am making strides.

    I am loving your blog. It inspires!


  2. I think gifts from others are the ablsolute hardest for me to get rid of. It's almost as if I feel guilty for not keeping it even if I have no use for it anymore.
    I'm doing pretty good though and things are looking good.

    I just really want to re-evaluate everything to make more time/space for the things that really matter the most now and let go of what all doesn't fit anymore. Emotionally and physically.

    Thanks for visiting again!!