13 December 2009

Scenes from the Weekend

We had a great weekend.

Yesterday my husband and I went to Mills Mall over in St Louis to do our Christmas shopping. What a huge place. One million square foot of shopping two weeks before Christmas. It really wasn't that bad though as far as the crowds or traffic goes.

Inside the mall is the St. Louis Blues Hockey team practice rink and it was fun watching the skaters.

We have never gone too far overboard for the holidays and this year is not any different. I do wish I could have been a little more organized to have more 'home crafted' items. Right now though I'm a little over 50/50 but I plan to improve that number next year. What we bought though is either educational or clothing so...not bad.

Today I made some Christmas cards to try to use up some of my Christmas stash from previous years, and this week I will be baking most evenings for my tins that are going to be gifts.

How is everyone's Christmas season going?


  1. We are up to our EYEBALLS in snow still but lovin' it! Did you make the ornament pictured?

    Almost time to start stressing about seeing family over the holidays

  2. Yes, I made that ornament last year from clay.

    We're not going to see much family this year, they are all off doing their own thing so it will probably just be hubby and I for the most part.

    Still now snow, but forcast for Friday says there is a chance. LOL

  3. Hi LA!

    I love that ornament, too! And the cards....really nice!

    Sounds like you had a fun weekend. Glad to see you are feeling better!

  4. Thanks Wendy...yes, I am feeling much better.