09 December 2009

17 degrees plus 50 mile an hour winds equals COLD!!!

Today was a brutally cold day. We missed out on all of the accumulating snow but got all of the winds and temperature drops. Right now we are at 17 and it is continuing to drop. Puts you in the mood for Christmas.

I am drinking hot chocolate, baking banana bread and doing laundry to heat up the house. So far we have not had to turn on the heat and it hasn't been below 60. We like it cool and we can't stand the central heat. It just sucks the air out of you. Go figure we had a fireplace in South Florida but here...Nooooo. Thank goodness for flannel sheets and grandma's quilts.

Stay warm everyone!!


  1. Wow! No heat yet?? I keep mine at 68 and feel quite comfortable. We have about 2 to 3" of snow, but north of here they have a couple of feet! That is...one hour's drive north!

    Hope you are feeling better!

  2. Wow is right! Your house must be pretty insulated to have not used your heat yet. We have about 8inches still..nothing has melted in days. Oh well, the snow will make it fun today when we cut our tree/future compost!

  3. Well, the streak is over. Two nights down in the teens and not making it out of the 20's during the day it got to 58 inside and the heat went on. LOL
    I have it set on 62 now and it hasn't turned on that much.
    Have fun picking a tree Tony.
    We still have only had a dusting of snow. It always seems to go all around us.