02 November 2009



I always try to keep that quote in mind.
I have to believe that every small change that I make is making a difference.

Compared to the 'norm' in society, my husband and I have always pretty much lived within our means. We are no where near perfect. There have been times when we were lured in by the latest technology or gadget or going ahead and purchasing something in the name of convenience instead of making do without or figuring out a cheaper way. We used to eat out a lot more than we do now. I got my groceries in plastic or paper not in my canvas bags. But all in all we've done well and are continuing to learn and grow.

I feel really good about all that we do for our health, for the earth, for the future. I grew up watching my grandparents live sustainable lives and I know it can be done. But when I really look at what we do and what more we could/should be doing I get a little frustrated.
I not only get frustrated with myself but with 'the others' who just don't seem to care what happens in the future or to the planet or to their own health for that matter.

I get frustrated because until the farmers are offered the big bucks to grow organic, food instead of the large corporate businesses that are producing genetically modified food full of chemicals it is hard for me to find the quality food that I want to provide to my family. I get frustrated because I can sit and watch television for one hour and see six different commercials for some type of pharmaceutical drug. I get frustrated when I tell someone at work that the salad they are about to order from that particular place has 2000 mg of sodium alone yet they don't seem surprised or upset and buy it anyway taking no control of their buying power.

I have to constantly remind myself that what I believe and what I am trying to do is worth it and that I am not alone. There are others out there trying to live a better life too.

I get inspiration by visiting the blogs of people with goals and aspirations similar to my own. i get inspiration by the books and television shows that are starting to appear that help teach me the things I need to know to continue. Most of all, I find inspiration from my family and friends that compliment me on my home grown tomatoes or herbs, or gush over my home cooking.

When I over heard my mother tell another family member that I was just like my Grandmother...that made it all worth it.

What inspires you to continue?


  1. What inspires me? My children and grandchildren... and theirs. Who inspires me? people like you.

    Thank you for posting this.


  2. I have to say the biggest inspiration I get comes from other bloggers and the Down to earth.


  3. Thank you Wendy for your very kind words.
    Jen...I too love Down to Earth...she is an amazing woman.

  4. Great words of wisdom. That quote of Gandhi's is one of my favourite. I find it really easy to get dragged down by everything that isn't getting done. It's times like that when going and doing something is the best thing for it. I've had a bad week, I've been down on the world, but after digging in the garden for a few hours this morning I'm ready to get back into it. Nothing like being out in nature for inspiration.