26 March 2011

Sunday's at Grandma's

My Grandparents were farmers who grew or raised probably 80 percent of their food. My Grandmother always had the root cellar that my Grandfather built for her full of her home canning. I remember many summer afternoons in the kitchen with her canning dozens of jars of tomatoes, beans, relishes, pickles and too many other veggies and fruits to mention. Her freezer chest was always full of strawberries, blueberries, pie crusts, sweet corn to name my favorites. She was a homemaker who ran her home more efficiently than I can even begin to explain.

Watching this I picked up many of my beliefs and ways of doing things one being keeping a well stocked household.

Some of the reasons I continue this tradition...
I don't have to worry about running to the store after working 10 1/2 hours and I'm tired and hungry.
If I get sick, or have a headache or just don't feel good...I have what I need at home.
I can plan my shopping trips around sales, my free time and how I feel, saving me money and sanity.
If the weather is bad, we'll have what we need until we can get out.

Living in Southwest Florida for over 20 years also was a motivator. Hurricane season can get rough. Even if the storm isn't headed directly at you, all of the surrounding people from every other direction will descend upon your town buying up all of your gas and food.
Our last year there Hurricane Charley payed us a visit. Spending that week in August in South Florida with no power was miserable because of the heat but we had everything else that we needed and were otherwise comfortable.
Now that I'm in Illinois there are other weather related emergencies that could easily happen such as tornadoes, snow storms and thunderstorms.
I think no matter where you live you should have at least two weeks worth of food and necessities stocked up.

So I hope you consider organizing your supplies and stocking up a little.

You can start by making a list of the household items and food that you use on a regular basis. When you see them on sale or find a great coupon for the item pick up two or three extras.

You'll save tons of money, time and your sanity.

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  1. My sentiments exactly! Our first project this year will be a proper storage area. Looking forward to preserving...dehydrating...and freezing the produce from my garden.