01 January 2011

You can go your own way...

My husband and I spent the day relaxing a little more before picking back up our busy schedules that will kick back in on Monday. I have learned a few relaxing tips over this holiday season though that I plan to continue throughout the year.

I am not making any New Year's resolutions this year, not in the traditional sense anyway. I did pretty well with most of the resolutions that I made last year but I have decided to continue on the path I have decided upon and remind myself frequently to be AWARE. Aware of my blessings, aware of my surroundings, aware of everything going on in and around me. I believe this will help me stay centered and focused on the 'right now' and let the past and the future go their own ways. The present is what I have and what I need to be spending all of my energy on.

Dinner tonight was Low and Slow Italian sausages, roasted brusells sprouts and sweet potato fries. My none veggie lover husband even enjoyed it.

What was your first dinner of the new year? Any resolutions?

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