29 May 2010

The annual repotting of the Aloe...

I gave away a lot of my plants when we moved from Florida to Illinois so on my Mom's first visit here she brought me this tiny little aloe plant probably from Kroger.

Every year I have to separate and repot this 'mother plant' because the base leaves get so heavy it starts to tip the pot over. It has produced well over 50 little aloes in the last 4 years. Close to half the town has an aloe plant from this one.

So today is the day she gets another larger home. I bought one of the largest indoor pots they make so lets hope she slows it down a little or else I don't know what I will do next year.

Now only if I had sold all that aloe instead of giving it away. LOL


  1. I have always wanted an Aloe! Umm...where do you live?

    When you use it for a burn, do you use a baby leaf or do you slice a large leaf?

  2. Wendy I live in Illinois. Always had aloe when I lived in Florida too but it could stay outside year round there. Here I only have it in the house in a south facing window.

    You should get one. They are too easy to grow.
    I either use a small leaf or just snip the tip of a large one.

    I use it in my hair and under my eyes from time to time too.

  3. Hi Lori!

    Aloe under your eyes? Do you think it would lift the bags I have under mine? I thought the only thing that would be able to accomplish that task would be a Porter! (or maybe a crane?!)

    They say that Preparation H works for that sort of thing...but I felt like an a** when I tried it...and it really did not work!

  4. Yep I put aloe under my eyes from time to time. The aloe just seems to really add moisture and plump them up a little.
    I've heard the preparation h thing too. Always wondered if it worked. LOL