13 April 2010

Bruce used one of his 9 lives...

Easter Sunday...good day, all was well, cats were running around. Everything normal.
Monday night...Bruce wasn't eating or drinking and seemed to be breathing a little heavy.
Tuesday morning...trip to the vet. Bruce is in critical condition, probably a heart condition, could only have a short time left. We're keeping him here for observation. We'll call you.
Tuesday late afternoon...you can come and get Bruce. He doesn't have a heart condition he is a diabetic. His glucose was over 400.
Tuesday night...celebrate my 20th wedding anniversary in a daze from the past 24 hours events.

One week later...Bruce is on insulin shots 2 times a day, his food has been changed to a low carbohydrate dry food and he seems to be getting back his strength.

Life is GOOD!!!


  1. Aww, Lori... I hope that your pet is soon better! It really does shake you up, doesn't it?

    Happy Anniversary!

  2. Thanks Wendy...It did shake us up. It happened so fast and he is not even 4, he's so trim, healthy and athletic we never would have guessed. They eat no people food, no cat treats, just a good quality dry food and they split a can of tuna in water once or twice a month. It came out of no where.
    It did get me over my needle fear though. I NEVER imagined I would be able to give a shot but I guess you do what you have to and keep going.
    Luckily he is a very good cat and doesn't give me much trouble at all with the shots.
    Gotta love em.