23 February 2010

Eatting Out


"The economy may be thawing, but many families' budgets are still tight. Eating out still means McDonald's or coffee and a bagel at the corner store more than anything else.

That means a squeeze for casual dining chains, those in-between eateries that attract
lower- and middle-income families who don't have a table waiting for them at a fancy
white-tablecloth restaurant but like to occasionally treat themselves to more than fast food. When the economy is rolling, $8 to $20 entrées are enticing. When money is tight, not so much."

I read the above article about the decline of many chain restaurants. They are saying that it all has to do with the economy and that people do not have the money to be eating out like they once did. A lot of these restaurants are continuing to stay open even though they are experiencing huge profit losses because they say the economy will turn around.

I am sure that is partly true but I really am hoping that another reason for the decline is because people are demanding better quality food for their money when they do eat out.

I know for my husband and I it was equally both reasons. We would go out to eat once a week and spend $20-40 for bad quality, bad tasting food that ended up making us miserable after we ate. We consciously decided it was better to cook good food at home and splurge occasionally on the really good quality restaurants that offer better quality food.

What do you think? For most is it just the money or are people starting to also pay attention to quality?


  1. I agree. We rarely eat out now, and if we do we make it a special occasion. Honestly, my husband is a darn good cook, so I have a hard time finding something more tasty at most restaurants :)

  2. I agree too! we've stopped eating out as much for the same reason, bad food. We realized that if we we're going to spend our money eating out, we should enjoy the food. I still really enjoy the social aspect of eating out so if the evening is about dining out with friends, we eat something small or just share...we can always eat a bit more once we get home.

  3. I would much rather share a dinner with family or friends in a spot where the food is great, nutritious, and where you can hear what the other person is saying. Where? Home!