04 October 2009

My favorite place to eat out...

We hardly ever eat out anymore because it has become so difficult here to get good quality food. It never failed we would go to dinner, spend 30 to 40 bucks and feel miserable afterwards. The last time we did that we both had upset stomachs and decided no more.
There is one very good place to eat here though that we still do go to from time to time.
The 9th St Grill. http://9thstreetgrill.com/
The restaurant opened about a year after we moved here and the owners live above the restaurant on the top floor.
They start you out with a loaf of their homemade bread that is sinfully delish. They make all of their own breads including the fantastic chibatta bread that the blackened chicken sandwich I ordered comes on. Potato wedges made from actual potatoes that are served with a fantastic sauce (that I would love to figure out how to duplicate) are included. This visit hubby had a Bison Burger that he said was very good. It also was served on chibatta bread with the potato wedges.
We have yet to have room to try any of their home made desserts but they all sound heavenly.
It is so nice to have a place where we can go and enjoy real, fresh, good food. Next time I'm going for the tilapia.

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  1. Im in the same position, I hate spending money on food which I can make a lot better and cheaper at home.

    I just have to remember that when I want a quick and easy fix....